Welcome and PreOrders!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to MunchyNeko!

We are 4 catlovers and owners to 4 wonderful cats. MunchyNeko features the 4 lovely munchkins of ours. If you love them, you might want to head over to our Products Page for their products. Oh, don't forget to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we will put up regular updates! Of course, this mini webspace of ours will be updated often too :)

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MunchyNeko's First Launch! We can haz postcards!

MunchyNeko is accepting preorders now!
*Preorder at least 1 set of MunchyNeko postcards and you will receive a 
5% discount off applicable for our next launch! Only for the first 30 customers! :D 

We will not be doing reprints, so these are special limited edition postcards :D While stocks last!
Postcards will be shipped out after 9th April 2013.
Head over to our store to learn more :)

We hope you enjoy your stay here as much as we enjoy putting everything together for you!
Till then, Keep Calm and Love Cats!

The MunchyNeko Team

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