Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in knowing more about MunchyNeko!

We are owners of 4 lovely cats, namely Snowie, Fishball, Freyr and Pancake.
We love eating (munch munch munch!), and all our neko ('Cat' in Japanese) are Munchkins,
hence this is how MunchyNeko was born.

Here are their profiles :)

Name: Snowie (Shorthair)
Nickname: Emo cat
Gender: Male
D.O.B: 07 November 2007
Likes: Looking at cars, playing with teasers and hunting lizards.
Dislikes: Being carried, manicure and hairdryer.

Snowie is a non-standard (Long-legged) blue lynx point munchkin. He can be inquisitive and emo at times. He enjoys looking out of the window to see moving cars and spotting birds on the trees. Check out Snowie's personal facebook page here.

Name: Fishball (Shorthair)
Nickname: Boss Cat
Gender: Male
D.O.B: 28 Jul 2010
Likes: Hiding under chairs, snatching chairs from his Human, dark places, 
chitchatting with his Human, supervise, acting zen and bullying his Human.
Dislikes: Being carried, chicken, baths and vacuum cleaners.

Fishball is a standard (short-legged) blue lynx point munchkin who thinks he is human. When he was a kitten, his tabby markings reminded his owner of Fishballs, hence his name. However, his tabby markings got darker overtime and perhaps meatball will suits him more now *grins*. Check out Fishball's personal facebook page here.


Name: Freyr (Longhair)
Nickname: Sea Cucumber
Gender: Male
D.O.B: 30 October 2011
Likes: Face massage, treats and rolling on the floor.
Dislikes: Baths, loud noises and kisses.

Freyr is a long hair chocolate-smoke munchkin cat with pink lips. Despite the misconception that dark coloured cats are fierce/cool, Freyr is super affectionate and loves cuddles. He hates wearing clothes, but his Human insists on dressing him up with ridiculous costumes. His favourite toys are a butterfly and a mouse. Check out Freyr's personal facebook page here.

Name: Pancake (Shorthair)
Nickname: Nugget
Gender: Male
D.O.B: 11 November 2011
Likes: Tuna, chicken, strings, plastic bags, paperballs, 
hunting anything that flies, curtains, hide & seek and chasing after his Human.
Dislikes: Salmon, baths, black trash bags and vacuum cleaners.

Pancake is a blue tabby standard munchkin cat with big round eyes and short nugget-shaped fat paws. He LOVES playtime, and is a lively and energetic kitty who likes to speed around the house, fully utilising different furniture as part of his obstacle course. Check out Pancake's personal facebook page here.