Conditions of Use
All images are copyright. Free downloads are strictly for personal use, not for commercial purpose. As a courtesy, please do not distribute the downloadable files from your site nor link directly to the file on MunchyNeko site. Instead, kindly link back to this page. Please seek permission if you would like to use the photos for commercial purpose.



Snowie (Widescreen 16:10) 1920x1200
Fishball (Widescreen 16:10) 1920x1200
Freyr (Widescreen 16:10) 1920x1200
Pancake (Widescreen 16:10) 1920x1200

Snowie (Fullscreen 4:3) 1600x1200
Fishball (Fullscreen 4:3) 1600x1200
Freyr (Fullscreen 4:3) 1600x1200
Pancake (Fullscreen 4:3) 1600x1200

To simplify things we've created large sizes in both widescreen and fullscreen format. If your resolution is smaller than the ones supplied then simply choose "center" when setting your wallpaper.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the wallpapers! :D